Nicole Dawn

Massage and Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA


Therapeutic Massage        (30 min $45, 60 min $70, 90 min $100)

During the massage I thoroughly assess your body to locate the source of pain and release long held patterns, and restore balance. I work slowly using precise, intentional strokes and sustained pressure which enables me to use deep pressure without being painful. Because I flow slowly and rhythmically my clients regularly fall asleep, allowing the body to heal itself through deep relaxation. I’ve been told I am able to access places on the body no other therapist has reached. My clients frequently tell me I discover knots or soreness they didn’t even realize they had. You will feel the difference after one session and it will only get better with regularly scheduled appointments.


I do not offer a full body deep tissue massage for a variety of reasons. Scientists are now realizing that Deep Tissue applied generally, over the whole body is not effective, as it tends to keep the body in a stress response state. Instead using it very strategically, like I do, is far more effective in allowing the body to release. Thus we can achieve greater results by creating deep relaxation; allowing the Central Nervous System to switch over into a Parasympathetic state where the body can begin to heal itself.


Energy Healing        (30 min $45, 60 min $70)

Energy healing can be combined with a massage or performed separately. When performing energy work alone the client does not need to undress. I will gently lay my hands on your body and allow the energy to flow through me into you. For more private areas of the body I will hover my hands above the area. Since energy work transcends space and time, reiki can be done distantly, it can be sent into the past to aid in traumatic times, or in preparation for upcoming stressful events.


Modern Cupping Therapy        (add on $20)

Cupping is a technique dating back thousands of years from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy creates a negative pressure (as opposed to the positive pressure of massage) allowing us to treat the body in fascinating ways. One of the simplest and most common uses for cups are stationary patterns along the spine. They can be moved lightly, in specific patterns over the entire body to aid in lymphatic drainage. They can be applied strategically along with stretches and range of motion to target specific issues and assist fascial release. Cups can even be used to soften and, with consistent use, reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

Please note: Cupping can leave marks as it is pulling old fluids and residual debris towards the surface. This allows the lymphatic system to flush it out of the body. This is not a bruise and should not hurt any more than a regular massage.


Luxury Face Mask        (30 min $45)

Experience incredible results with this luxurious face treatment. I will cleanse, tone, mask and moisturize throughout this 30 minute service. The head neck and shoulder massage will send you to the moon while these amazing products leave you glowing like a star!


Cupping can even be added to the Face Mask! Before the mask is applied specialized cups are used in a gentle moving pattern. This helps to increase circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, and remove impurities in the skin. It also improves the efficacy of the mask by opening the pores and allowing the product to be drawn into the skin.

In this treatment the cups are continuously moving and will not leave marks like a stationary cupping treatment.