Nicole Dawn

Massage and Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA


More than a Massage!

How many times do you let you hold yourself back from your dreams? You start a project or training or school with big dreams only to fail, or quit or self sabotage yet again. You desire so much more for your life but as soon as you start putting in the work to achieve your dreams the voices in your head begin:

- I can't do this

- This thing is for other people who are better/smarter/more confident than me

- It's easier for other people

- I will never be successful

- I am just a failure, a disappointment and I will never amount to anything

- I should just give up

But what if you really could do it. What if you weren't in it alone? What if you could let me believe in you even when you couldn't believe in yourself!? With gentle guidance and fierce support we can achieve your dreams together!

Mind * Body * MAGIC!

In this program we use BodyMind Coaching together to clear your limiting beliefs and create a pathway to success. Your body and mind are powerfully connected in ways that science is just beginning to figure out. By combining coaching with the massage session we use that connection to our benefit. BodyMind coaching enables you to access and release on deeper levels than ever before. Allowing you to embody and step into your new beliefs in a powerful new way! My Mind*Body*Magic program is a 12 week container with two levels of support to fit your life.

If you find yourself reading this thinking "omg that sounds just like me!" I would love to hop on a free discovery call to see if we're a good fit to work together. Click the "Book With Me" button to schedule. I can't wait to talk to you! 

Nicole Dawn centering to close the BodyMind massage session

What My Clients Are Saying...

"Had the amazing opportunity to work with Nicole last Friday and needless to say, it was amazing. It was an hour and half session which started by chatting with Nicole about life honestly. Opening up about stressors and what is going on in my life. Then had the most relaxing 60 minute massage of my life, disconnected from the world and released a whole lot of toxins from my body! Then finished out the [BodyMind Coaching] session talking about how I felt after the massage. 
Looking for a massage and someone to talk to about your days? Intuit Healing Arts is the way to go!"

Liz B.

"Second time seeing Nicole and I will keep going back. I'm in physical therapy for my neck, hips, and feet and she's been a savior. She hits the sensitive spots every time. My headaches have been so bad and almost every day but she's really helped alleviate that. I was emotional the first time because I finally had some relief. I highly recommend her for any issue you might have. I'm so relaxed and thankful."
Brittany O.

"Best massage ever! Nicole is an experienced and certified professional. I highly recommend this superb therapist for her expertise. She was able to identify and address trigger points that had been plaguing me for some time; in a relaxing and comfortable setting. She is outstanding! I have already booked a follow up appointment."
Derek R.

"I absolutely love receiving massages from Nicole! Her approach is intuitive and very effective! I love that her sessions are really soothing but she also gets straight into the therapeutic, deeper work without wasting any time. Her sessions are efficient, nurturing, and just what I need every time!"
Jewel B. LMT