Nicole Dawn

Massage and Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA

About Me

Nicole Dawn LMT and CoachMy name is Nicole Dawn and I, too, struggle with crushing self doubt.

- I went to college, like I was supposed to…twice! And yet I never believed in myself enough to make anything of my education.

- I spent the better part of a decade floundering around from one meaningless entry level job to another. Never invested enough to even stick around and work my way up the ladder. But I desired much more than being the 60 year old waitress barely making it by.

- I joined the Navy in hopes that a steady paycheck and reliable employment would fulfill my life. I put in a lot of work and seemed successful, meanwhile my spirit was completely repressed.


I knew I wanted out of the Navy but I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I took every single transitional class I could; Boots to Business, Troops to Teachers...everything except anything that had to do with the GI Bill (cue the Universe laughing) I had already been to college and that "did not work for me."


Then one day I found myself seated across the table from a gifted tarot reader. I thought it was just a fun part of a relaxing women's weekend retreat I chose to attend — a much needed diversion from being home alone with our one year old daughter during my husband's nine month deployment. One of the oracle decks she chose was called "Soul's Purpose" and out of the nine card spread every. single. card. she pulled was “body worker," “healer,” etc. The list went on but they were all the same. I had been casually considering massage school as one of my career options but it was clear which path I was meant to take.


I started training at Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy as soon as my contract ended. While I loved every minute of it and excelled in my classes, I still never felt “good enough.” Friends and other therapists would tell me how gifted I was yet, many days, my brain would tell me I was no good. And I believed it. I thought this was normal.


After a year and a half working as a massage therapist I enrolled in BodyMind Coach training to learn how to be more successful without overworking my body…And I received so much more than I ever could have bargained for! The coaching I received during my training  changed my mind and changed my World. Some days my mind still tries to tell me terrible things about myself. But know  now that my thoughts are a choice. I don't have to believe everything I think. 


My friends and family believed in me before I could believe in myself and I want to be that friend for you. More than that, I want to teach you the tools to choose your thoughts, to shift your thinking and change your brain. “Imposter complex” is far too prevalent among women in particular; it holds us back, keeps us small and quiet, keeps the patriarchy in control! It’s time for us to take back our minds, take back our lives and take over the world!