Nicole Rodriguez LMT
Mind * Body * Magic in Virginia Beach, VA

About Me

I am Nicole Rodriguez, owner and creatrix of Intuit Healing Arts.

Throughout my life, I frequently felt called to a healing profession but I resisted that inner nudge for a long time. I drifted through life aimlessly, from one meaningless job to another until one fated day I found myself seated across the table from a gifted tarot reader. I thought it was just a fun part of a relaxing women's weekend retreat I chose to attend — a much needed diversion from being home alone with our one year old daughter during my husband's nine month deployment. One of the oracle decks she chose was called "Soul's Purpose" and out of the nine card spread every. single. card. she pulled was “body worker," “healer,” etc. The list went on but they were all the same. I had been casually thinking of massage school, along with several other unrelated career paths during my transition out of the Navy, but it was clear which path I was meant to walk. Within months I was enrolled at the prestigious Cayce/Reilly school of Massotherapy and never looked back.

Today I love working with my clients to achieve their health goals. Whether you want to relax, want to achieve a higher PR in your work out, or need help with injuries or chronic pain. Regular massage can be the tool to help you excel in life!

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia Beach, VA, a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. I am a US Navy veteran, military spouse, mother, and small business owner. In my spare time I also create stained glass.